Tuesday, January 22, 2013


For those who don't follow me on Instagram, here is a snapshot of life lately. Still homeless nomadic gypsies, finding our way from family to friends to more holidays and still making some big decisions. One can't rush these things.

A whole lot of love lies in those Ythanbrae hills for us... 
Coffee in the gallery I used to work in, thoroughly enjoying our 'homecoming' to Yea

Helping Matt feed bulls, I have missed working cattle with him

Visiting Miss Madeleine in Melbourne

Finally receiving my new baby

And finally sitting down at a hairdressers after a year, feeling human again

Skiing and wakeboarding on the lake of an evening

So good having this little one back with us

Getting my bake on after a year away from an oven!

Enjoying some sun in Barwon Heads

Trying to organise our life and future with a strong latte and new diary

Some design work I am doing at the moment...

...whilst Matt interviews via skype for a position I don't particularly want him to get

And so I crochet, a blanket for our cousin's baby due soon

Enjoying a shopping day out in Bendigo yesterday, a very hip cafe seemingly in the middle of nowhere industrial estate, very very cool

After lots of visiting all over Victoria to various friends and family, unfortunately losing one very special friend and extraordinary human over the Christmas period, getting our ski back on in the northern oasis and spending some time down at beautiful Barwon Heads last week, we are back in Boort - Matt working on our friends cropping farm and me doing various wifely duties (baking and crochet anyone?) as well as a bit of design and photography work on the side. Life is good, I am refusing to get impatient with all this decision making to be done about our future and where it lies. Fortune favours the brave, our mantra, and nothing rings truer after our year of soul searching and adventure. At our wedding we read from the book of Jeremiah, a favourite of mine. God does have great plans for us, to prosper us, give us hope and a future. Of that I'm sure.

Until next time, friends...