Our Camper

Our home for the unforeseen future is a Carry Me Camper, ingeniously named 'Carrie' in a feeble attempt by Emma to bring some Sex and the City chic to our gypsy lifestyle!

We purchased Carrie second-hand in mid-2011 and have modified her at various stages to best suit what works for us. She sits atop Matt's 2004 single cab Toyota Hilux ute (affectionately known as 'Luxie') but can stand on her own four feet equally as well for when we want to just take the ute and leave behind our 'home'.

Carrie is a tidy unit by day and a bedroom/kitchen/dining/living space by night. She folds out to include a queen size bed on her roof and opens up to reveal a kitchen and lots of storage nooks.

On board we carry a 50 litre water tank in Carrie as well as a 40 litre water tank under the tray, a slide out kitchen stove with two gas hot plates, a 40 litre Engel fridge on a tilt slide which Matt customised himself (clever boy), another Engel on the other side which we usually run as a freezer and a kitchen storage unit with several slide out plastic drawers (also customised by Matt for optimal space efficiency) and some slide out drawers to house pots/pans/cutlery/plates and food. On the driver's side is where we house our solar panels, our table, our clothes boxes, our chairs, buckets, Emma's camera gear and a big drawer to house things like fishing gear, camp oven and tools.

Luxie is equipped with suspension air bags to handle Carrie's weight, as well as mud terrain tyres, a TJM winch, an ARB bullbar and sidebars, plus a long range fuel tank for those long journeys across this wide brown land. On the back of Carrie we carry the spare wheel, a jerry jan for fuel and our rubbish bag! (Leave behind only footprints!) The spare wheel carrier swings out to reveal a door in the back of Carrie to a space where we store her legs and various awkward bits of pieces. Every square centimetre of Carrie must be utilised to store something!

Some may think she isn't much, but she's home sweet home for us!