Our Honeymoon Adventure

Some newlyweds sit on a beach in Bali, some sip cocktails by a pool in the Maldives, some jet off to Paris. Us? Well we decided to pack up everything and hit the dusty road for an indefinite amount of time, camping and working our way around Australia in a ute. Why yes we are a little bit mad...

All we have is what we can fit in our camper, we have no fixed address, no house like we used to, no steady income like we used to, no family nearby or conveniences like a bathroom or electricity. What we do have is bucketloads of freedom, wide open spaces, the open road and each other. We've created an unwritten chapter at the start of our lives together and can't wait for our adventures to unfold.

Emma has always been a keen blogger, with her blog Cinderella at Brindabella. We thought keeping an online diary was a great way of documenting our travels for both ourselves and our family and friends - everyone gets to come on our adventures through The Happy Campers blog! We really don't know how frequent or reliable our internet services will be though (we plan to be in some pretty remote places) but will just blog whenever we can and keep people in the loop as to our latest destination or experience.

So what's our big plan? We don't have a plan! But here are a few experiences and places we would like to tick off our travel list...
  • the Kimberly region of north west Australia - the Bungle Bungle's, the Gibb River Road and Kununura
  • beautiful Broome and the Indian Ocean beaches of the north west coast
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • southern Western Australia wheat belt and Margaret River
  • the Nullabor plains
  • Katherine Gorge
  • western Queensland, Mt Isa, Longreach and work on some cattle stations
  • Cape York, the Daintree and far north Queensland
  • The Gulf country and the Savannah way
Most of all we want to have fun, work hard and get a taste of this amazing country whilst we're young, free and thirsty for adventure!

We will update this page as we travel, ticking off some places we've been to and detailing our adventures so far. Stay tuned!