Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Down South

We went for a sneaky trip home to Victoria over Easter and the school holidays, for Matt's cousin's wedding which I was photographing and my niece Violet's baptism mainly, but also a bonus to get a dose of Melbourne culture and see some family we've been missing!

A 7am departure from Malden on Good Friday and heading north through Clermont to Mackay was called for, which I was really looking forward to after travelling up here and then still having the travel bug! It was a road we hadn't been on before and were surprised at how the country changed very quickly. Also passed all the mines etc. through Moranbah and into Mackay. We flew out of Mackay to Brisbane, only just made our connecting flight and arrived to a cold and windy Melbourne. Brrrr!

Good coffee + The Age = bliss to this little Melbournian
Easter weekend was spent with my sister, brother-in-law, their three girls and my mum in Williamstown. An egg hunt in the backyard, Easter Sunday mass, a spot of shopping in the city and an engagement session through the botanic gardens, the city and Luna Park with Matt's bestie and his love. 

Home to Thorpdale where it was freeeeeeeeezing! (Surprise surprise). But lots of soup and knitting by the fire with my mum which was awesomely blissfull. I'm a rager, I know. Caught up with school friends for dinner and of course my little dog Tessa who is being 'fostered' by my bestie and her husband whilst we galavant around the country. I miss Tess a lot! I'm not sure the feelings are reciprocated however, she is getting very well looked after at Aunty Lisha and Uncle Dan's!

We made our way down to Matt's parents at Inverloch, who are living in Matt's aunty's recently renovated house, 'Shirwell', whilst their house is built next door. Lots had happened since we'd left two months earlier so it was great to see Wes and Wendy's house taking shape, very exciting! A few other things exciting are happening in our family there, Matt's brother and his partner are expecting a baby! A new niece or nephew for us - yay! 

Matt's parents house being built at Inverloch - can't wait for future family dinner's and weekends spent here!

We were also down at Shirwell to celebrate the wedding of Manisha and Yasser. A lot of work was to be done around Shirwell, which was still a bit of a building site from the renovations, and overlooks the building site of Matt's parents house. After a lot of teamwork and big efforts from my lovely husband the wedding was gorgeous, so much love and joy and happiness. 

Whilst in South Gippsland we got to catch up with my favourite Californian and Kiwi and their gorgeous children, they're also expecting a new arrival! Babies, babies, everywhere. Of course we came for a quick coffee and Matt ended up getting the cows in, milking with Nic, you know, the usual workaholic. I preferred the trampoline to the cow shed.

Bouncing with the babes - Gretta, Monty and Baxter.

The Sunday after the wedding we were due back in Williamstown for baby Violet's baptism - let's just say that we won't speak of the events surrounding that Sunday morning (we missed the baptism entirely, which was being held that weekend because were in town). It was a very silent trip from Cranbourne to Williamstown as we realised we would miss it. Ho hum... We did get to spend the day with all five of my nieces however, it's great to see them all play together, such cool little chicks!

An early morning flight back to Mackay, via Sydney, the next morning. I got on the plane kicking and screaming a bit, am starting to think a 'quick trip home' didn't do much for my occasional homesickness! After a big grocery shop in Mackay, a very strategic packing job (because we have Carrie we don't have the sides of Matt's ute tray), setting up Matt's new (expensive grrrr) GPS, we headed the five hours south west back to Malden - a day of travelling from 7am until 10.30pm. 

Sunset driving back to the donga this week

Back to the daily grind here at Malden, the kids have been on camp (we headed to Longreach yesterday to pick them up, three hours there, three hours back) so we will launch back into the schoolroom this week - hopefully with renewed enthusiasm and delight?! Yeah right. Matt's been out mustering this week with the chopper and drafting and branding cattle today, so is as happy as a clam. We did a killer and have fresh meat, which pleases me no end, and so life goes on here at Malden... 


  1. wooosh - your whirlwind is still spinning my head!

    So glad you popped by. Gorgeous snaps - as always. Come back soon.


  2. Lovely to get an update Emma! Beautiful photos. Matt's parents house looks amazing. Good luck for term 2, we launch back into SOTA ourselves on Monday :)

  3. BUMMER that you missed the baptism...can't believe how huge and gorgeous baby Violet is! I feel like I could comment on every single photo here - but instead I'll just say that next time, come visit meeeeeeeee!!!!

  4. Hi Emma; so happy I found your beautiful blog via Lou. I'm the girl who will be writing your wedding article for the magazine. I'll email you sometime this week with all the details. Chat then xxx

  5. sounds like your easter went by way too quickly Emma - and what a pity you missed Violet's baptism! :(