Saturday, June 16, 2012

On the move...

When we arrived at Malden we didn't really know how long we would be here, we had no idea what to expect - would we like it? Hate it and be gone in a week?! Love it and stay forever?! We came on this honeymoon adventure with the simple philosophy of "no plan is a good plan." Throwing caution to the wind and all that.


Now after five months of jackarooing and governessing we have decided to pack up Carrie and hit the open road again. Our friends who we stayed with in Boort at the very beginning of this adventure are headed north to thaw out their winter bones, originally planning to visit us here at Malden, but now we've decided we might meet them a bit further south. Four years ago (was it really that long ago?!) we went to Fraser Island with Matt's parents and brother, and loved it, so we have decided to return to the great sandy island for some 4WDing fun and camping with Tyler and Kate, two of our dearest friends and best man and bridesmaid at our wedding. 

After Fraser Island we plan to head north along the coast to Cairns where the next stage of the adventure awaits in the form of a trip to visit friends in Papua New Guinea for a few weeks. Can. Not. Wait! Bring on the warmer tropical weather, coconut cocktails, giggling little girls and Matt looking forward to work with the PNG cowboys and bullemacows again (we travelled to PNG two years ago also). 

So in two weeks we will be packed up and ready to go - off into the sunset again with just each other and the open road, sounds perfect to me as our honeymoon truly begins, along with making memories with four of our most favourite people.

* Photos kind of unrelated but are of our wedding, which I guess was the beginning of this trip, and the four people we will be spending the next few months with - Tyler, Kate, Glenn and Ange (oh and baby Pepe). See you all sooooooon!


  1. Sooooo excited for you! I've actually got goosebumps! X

    1. Thanks Hannah - it is very exciting, and a wee bit scary, but mostly exciting! Not so much for poor Kristy though, if you know another govie looking for a great job with great kids/accomodation/employers you know who to contact!

  2. So excited to hear about your adventures, have a great time.

  3. I love that you are sharing your travel adventures with us. I can only dream of one day packing up a caravan and traveling around our lovely land. Look forward to seeing where the next part of your adventure takes you.

    Casey :)

  4. yay! more adventures to begin very soon! all the best emma & matt. can't wait to read about them on here! x

  5. Warmer weather sounds delightful! Will look forward to following your travels x

  6. sounds A-mazing!!! enjoy!! oh warm weather and coconuts - stop it!!! xx