Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lake Eildon

We just spent a fantastic five days at Lake Eildon on a houseboat - eating, drinking, reading, wake boarding and getting pounded on the biscuit. All with the most excellent of company with our generous hosts, the beautiful Nelson family.

Eildon is full (well close enough) but it wasn't crazy busy on the lake - it's so huge it's hard to feel busy! The water was glassy at times, the weather sunny but not too hot. We slept in our swags under the stars  on the roof of the houseboat and I was kicking myself for only knowing one measly constellation, I should improve on that! Eildon is in our old stomping ground, within cooee of the property we once managed, Ythanbrae. It was great to be back in the area, we really like it in north east Victoria.

Matty's feeling a little worse for wear after a bit of a stack off the wakeboard - sore ribs/muscles around his lungs. Poor possum. We spent a day in Bendigo yesterday doing boring jobs like changing my name everywhere and getting a new zip we needed for the camper. All good jobs to get done while we're not really on the move though.

That's it for the update for now - have a great Australia day! I think we will be spending ours doing much of the same - skiing/boarding and eating/drinking in the sun. We leave Boort later next week, hard to believe it is almost February already!


  1. A holiday from your holiday?! Pfffft. It looks AH-mazing Em ;)

  2. excellent snaps. Looks refreshing and fun!

  3. Looks like you are having a great time ... ahh the life