Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farewell Inverness

Today is our last full day in Boort, tomorrow we hit the road again after being at 'Inverness' for over a month. The time, of course, has gone way too fast, but we did cram a lot in - a trip to Mildura for New Years, five days on a houseboat on Lake Eildon, skiing and wakeboarding on the lake here in Boort, playing with Tilly, shooting, Matt's been working with Tyler, Kate and I have been (attempting) to paint the house.

Last night we headed out to a nearby crop of sunflowers, I'd been meaning to go out there at about 8pm for weeks, then when we finally got around to it most of them were dead! Oops. There were a few hangers-on, as well as some killer light and straw stacks.

Today I actually worked! I had a job to shoot for a blog reader who lives in nearby Pyramid Hill and is a part of Tyler and Kate's church family. Alison and her husband John just bought a new farm and she wanted some landscapes to hang on their walls. Their three little blondies were a bit too cute too. Low and behold on the Boort-Pyramid Road there was another crop of sunny beauties, this time in full bloom. Bonus (but pity about the light).


Tonight we are headed to Lake Merren (near Kerang) to camp the night before we head to Melbourne tomorrow. Our original plan was to head to Queensland straight from Boort, stopping in at my sister's in Brisbane for a week long visit. Since we left though they have moved from Brisbane to Melbourne! We also want to go back to Inverloch and Thorpdale while we're still in the state and then head up the coast to Sydney before heading inland through New England and see some farming country we haven't before.

That's the rough plan anyway - we'll keep you posted. The Steendam's are on the road again! We've had an amazing time here in Boort, as we always do. Such a great part of the world, especially with all the lakes full in summer, and a beautiful community. The hugest thanks and bittersweet farewell to our generous hosts and entertainers Tyler and Kate, love you guys xxx


  1. great snaps, Em... Call me for a Inverloch coffee.... xx

  2. Safe & happy travels Emma, love your photos especially the last three! :)

  3. Wowee! Great photos Emma, can't wait to see some more!! I was hoping for some beautiful landscape and they look fabulous....and so quick, aren't you camping or packing?! Happy adventuring to you both - I'm looking forward to watching your travels through your camera lens! Safe travels!

  4. We'll miss you guys!! Safe travels, look forward to the updates :)