Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Honeymoon Suite

Here at Malden we are living in The Donga (a portable building, used on mine sites and stations etc. for staff quarters). The donga is about 3km from the main house, just near the creek crossing which is currently still too high to cross. 

Part of the appeal of this job was definitely the good accommodation. We were fully expecting basic shearers quarters or to mainly live out of our camper (which would also be fine, Carrie is very luxurious!) But the donga is fancy-schmancy. It has a new little basic kitchenette and bathroom and two bedrooms.

The best bit though is that it's air-conditioned! Yeah, like I said - fancy. The bedroom I like to call the Malden Hilton...

Matt loves the front deck and outdoor area, which I agree is appealing...except when you're me and every bug under the sun seems to want to eat you! Hopefully we'll have some barbies out there though. Poor Luxy is still on the other side of the creek so I have been using Alex's Landcruiser to get to work, in case you were wondering why we had a new ute!

The frogs in the toilet have been freaking me out a little bit, we haven't had it quite so bad over the past few days but I have poured some rock salt in the cistern to try and deter them anyway. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know! Green tree frogs are everywhere here, the other night in the rain there was over 10 of them all on our glass sliding door. As long as they stay out of my toilet I'm definitely a happy camper.

So that's home sweet home for us for now! Very comfortable, very cosy, we like it. Oh yeah, and for anyone that knows Matt personally...turns out no matter where the clean-freak lives he has to have the shoes lined up just so by the back door...weirdo.


  1. ah, the good old donga, and what a flash one you have indeed! Looks very comfortable, with a second bedroom no less! (and a flasher bathroom than you might see in some old station homes)thanks for sharing!

  2. Have fun at Malden, 2006 when I was last there drinking alcoholic fruit punch on the verandah up the house ....and don't worry Kristy has asked everybody on fb about dealing with frogs. LOL

    Hope the feet are not to wet and you can soon be reunited with Luxy

  3. Oh how I envy your air con. Frogs are everywhere here as well and seem to be on steriods. Apparently blue toilet duck stops them wanting to live in your loo.

  4. Great station accommodation Emma!