Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just Fine

We had strong lattes here. And here. And here.

We dealt with an often smiling, often crying, teething Miss Savannah. 

We went to the op shop and I left with a goose and $2 poorer.

We (ok, I) bounced until I was sore on the trampoline with the littles. 

We went to the garden with a basket and came back laden with enormous squash and juicy beets.

We put an excess of blackberries and nectarines to good use.

We made ice-cream. In the bathroom sink.

We ate a feast of (almost all) homegrown organic, happy food. Lamb slaughtered last week. Our beets and squash from our haul, onions with rosemary, silverbeet with mint. Ice-cream from the generous cows. 

We bathed the happy/sad baby, put littles to bed and sat, wine in hand, and spoke of possibilities, of opportunities and of journeys.

We spoke of wisdom and hindsight. Of people. The People. Our greatest asset, of which we can't even begin to put a value upon, is that of The People surrounding us. The People - supporting us, guiding us, cheering for us, are the greatest reminder of where our path lies. And that we can choose wisely and we will be just fine.

Just fine.


  1. The most gorgeous post and photos! I think you will be more than just fine :)

  2. oh, those FLOWERS! I wanna live wherever it is that Amy lives (somewhere where it very clearly rains!) Great friends are very restorative aren't they...

  3. sweet post from a sweet friend. twas a lovely day. looking forward to a few more lattes before you head west, dear friend. xx