Monday, February 11, 2013

Wanderings and Wonderings

I seemed to have lost my blogging mojo. If somebody finds it please return to me asap. Mainly, I think, because this blog was about our travels, and now that chapter's finished. My old blog was very home/cooking/sewing/decorating related, and now we don't have a home. I'm in blogging no man's land.

Anyway, so what has been happening? Well, we've been at our friends still in northern Victoria, spending Australia Day by the lake, skiing, swimming, listening to the hottest 100, the usual. Tessa has a haircut. Then last week Matt spent a week in South Australia with a friend, on the road selling bulls and rams, doing his thing, learning and absorbing (hopefully).

I spent the week hanging with my nieces, taking some photos for Lou of her baby bump in our beloved Melbourne town, eating waffles in Degraves with her girls. Wine time with my sisters, then home to those rolling hills of Thorpy to see more nieces off on the bus to school, have a beer with my dad at our local.

Whilst I was in the vacinity of a sewing machine at my mum's I decided to get back on the horse and whip up some little things to go back in my madeit shop. Tomorrow night I will be taking part in 'From Madeit With Love' - a shopping event to help raise funds for a family who tragically lost their mum recently in a car accident. Tammy was a fellow handmade sewer and mother of two, pregnant with their third. I can't imagine what those kids are going through, or will be in the coming years, it's the least I can do. Please pop by to Madeit tomorrow night (the 13th) at 8pm, there are so many other goodies available from generous handmade sellers. You can also go to the Facebook event page here for more information.

Matt returned from his jaunt west and I drove up to Yea to pick him up, back to our old stomping ground, through the familiar hills, collecting some beautiful flowering gum and proteas en route for our friends who had looked after him so well on his adventures. A swim in the pool with my main man Monty who I used to nanny back in the day, then back on the road heading south to Matt's parents at Inverloch. We are here for a few more days, Matt helping his Dad landscape the garden (it's quite a steep and tricky block) and hopefully catching up with lovely people.

I have a wedding to shoot this weekend in Melbourne, my first in a long time. Back on the horse in a few ways since being home! I guess it's like riding a bike...well I hope it is anyway.

We still have big decisions to make, ones which we are not taking lightly, hence the waiting and wondering, weighing up, writing lists, researching, calls back and forth to various people and recruitment agencies. I won't lie - it's mentally exhausting. I am sick of talking about it. I am sick of thinking about it. I want it to be done, but I want it to be done properly. And so we wait. Patience is a virtue, I can hear my mum's voice now.

We are closer though, always getting closer. Our two options though are so very different. The choice is ours to make. We know that we are in a particularly lucky situation, it is a good problem to have, this one of ours. But still...I want it to be done and dusted. Life on hold continues...


  1. good things come to those who wait...go with your gut. Adventure is out there! ;-)

  2. Good luck with it all Emma. I am sure you will make the right choices for yourselves...

    Gorgeous photos as always.